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A Step-by-Step Guide to Winning with SuSu

This simple step-by-step guide will help you make money with SuSu.

If you know someone who has made lots of money with SuSu, but you just can’s seem to get it right, don’t feel bad. There are probably things that you did not consider before jumping in.

No worries. This article will help you sort some of these things out. Don’t give up the faith!

The good news: You understand that there is NO reason that you shouldn’t risk an opportunity to make an 800% return. You can’t get a return like that anywhere.

Now, let’s jump into how you can win with the SuSu.


There are only 2 steps to winning with SuSu:

Step 1: Choose the Right SuSu Community

The first factor for any smart SuSu investor is choosing the right SuSu community. While there are lots of SuSu communities from which to choose, they are not all created equally.

One very good SuSu community that reaches all of the standards that have been put forth in this guideline, is ‘The Express’.

‘The Express’ community can be found using the Telegram App. After reading the guideline below, you will understand why this community is one that we admire.

STEP 2: Plan Your Risk

As with anything that involving investments, it’s very important for you to plan your risk. An opportunity to get an 800 percent return is considered a great risk. Don’t turn this into a bad risk by doing too much investing.

Let’s look at these 2 Steps in More Detail Below:


Rule 1. Find a newer SuSu community with great growth potential.

Finding a new community could potentially be of the best things a smart SuSu Investor can do. This could mean fast payouts which means a potential quick turnaround to getting you paid an 800 percent return.

As of this moment, ‘The Express’ community is still in it’s member building stages, which is a great time to get in. There are several other factors to consider as well, which are mentioned below. One of those being effiency. Make sure that the community is very efficient.

We are familiar with the administrative process of ‘The Express’, and they have the ability to move at the pace of its investors. But, finding a newer SuSu community with great growth potential could mean fast return on your investment.

Rule 2. Stay away from ‘MANDATORY’ bring 2 communities:

We use the term ‘MANDATORY’ very loosely here. A great SuSu community is supposed to have each member invite at least two like-minded investors. However, some members, for one reason or another won’t produce two like-minded investors.

This can be corrected by other members who have the ability to bring in more than two like-minded investors, but it should be noted that it takes everyone’s effort to bring in as many like-minded investors as possible.

But, it is not smart to work with SuSu communities with a mandatory bring 2 rule.

Rule 3. Choose a community with multiple entry points…

A great example is this: Consider 2 different SuSu communities: The first SuSu community only has one entry point of $500, while the other SuSu community has 3 different entry points of $100, $500, and $1400.

The first SuSu community will face a much tougher challenge with bringing in new members, compared to the second SuSu community with 3 different entry points of $100, $500, and $1400.

The low entry point of $100 with the second community is more attractive to someone who doesn’t have $500 to risk with the first community.

Rule 4. Find a community with mandatory re-investing rules…

The success of a SuSu depends on its current members remaining committed to the success of the community. One way that members of a community can commit to the success of the community is to re-invest.

This not only ensures that people receive returns on investments, but also ensures that a portion of the ROI (return on investment) is shared within the community.

Rule 5. Choose a community with Level-Up Rules

A good SuSu community has members who are interested in increasing their investment opportunities and maximizing on their returns. To help you understand, let’s consider the SuSu community with 3 entry points: $100, $500, and $1500.

Suppose you want to start with investing only $100. An 800 percent return will give you a return of $800.

A smart SuSu investor will use $500 of this return to level-up to the $500 pool. It makes perfect sense to use $500 of your $800 return for the opportunity to get $4000.

If you want to level-up again using your $4,000 return, you can use $1,500 for the opportunity have $12,000 returned to you.

A smart SuSu investor understands the value of playing with house money. Using the concept of leveling-up, you have the opportunity to use $100 to get a total return of over $16,000. Make sense?

Rule 6. Choose a SuSu community with great admin capabilities.

A great admin team and an efficiently run system helps to make a SuSu community successful. A good SuSu community will grow in numbers and it’s very important that the system and the admins can keep up with the pace of paying of its investors.

If the system and the admins aren’t don’t functioning efficiently, this will lead to trust issues and frustration within the community. Morale will disappear fast and this will cause stalled flowers.

Rule 7. Stay away from communities where its members “Don’t Get It”!!!

Simple advice here: Stay away from communities where members say, ‘I won’t invite other like-minded investors until I get paid’. This is a community whose members “Don’t Get It”.

Rule of Thumb: If you’re able to witness people getting paid or receiving blessings, then this is proof enough that it’s a system that’s working.

Planning Your Risk

Rule 1. Don’t risk anymore than you can stand to lose.

Rule #1 with money and investments is always to never risk anymore than you can stand to lose. In order to determine what this amount is to you, ask yourself the following question: How much can I stand to lose or give freely, that won’t affect me, my life, or my ability to pay my bills or take care of my family.

If you can risk losing $100, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting on.

Rule 2. Plan how many spots to buy on the boards…

Part of the success of the SuSu community is bringing like-minded investors. A responsible SuSu community understands that for every spot that a member has on the boards, he or she should at least try to bring in 2 like-minded investors. This rule will help the community flourish with like-minded members.

For example: If you know that you do not have the ability to bring in like-minded investors, you should not buy 10 spots on boards. You are putting a strain on the community by depending on everyone else to provide 2 like-minded investors for each of the 10 spots you have on the boards.

In summary, you should always consider risk first. If you have $100 after assessing risk, this is a great start to investing, re-investing, and leveling-up to achieve a tremendous return on investment.
To get started, download the telegram app and search for ‘The Express’. Join or submit a request to join that group to get started on your journey to Winning with SuSu.

Disclaimer: Cox Financial does not endorse on behalf of its clients any SuSu community, nor are we actively involved in any SuSu community. Furthermore, Cox Financial is not involved in any partnerships, joint ventures, contractual obligations, or has any interest an any community.