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Truck Factoring Companies

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about having the necessary cash flow to pay your drivers, keep fuel in your trucks, pay for truck repairs, and effectively manage your daily operations?  At Cox Financial, we make it possible for you!

Truck factoring, also known as freight factoring, is an effective way for trucking companies to improve their cash flow. Whenever you move freight, you provide an invoice to the company to which you provided services and wait on that company to pay the invoice

So, what will you do in the meantime if you are short of money? Will you sit back and wait for the money to be paid by the company to which you provided the services? Absolutely no!

We have made it really easy for you to turn your trucking invoices into cash.

With Invoice factoring, trucking companies can turn their unpaid invoices, into cash. Well, how is this possible?

Very simple.  We will give you cash for unpaid invoices.

How does it work?

Step 1: First, we look at the services that you have provided along with the client which you’re providing those services.  Using that information, we determine if your invoices can be factored for funding.

Step 2: If your client agrees that you have provided the services as described on the invoice and agrees and agrees to pay, then we can give you cash for that invoice.

There’s nothing to worry about because there are no credit checks performed on you or your client.  The only thing we need to confirm is that your client agrees that the invoices have not been paid and that they agree to make that payment to Cox Financial.

It’s that simple.

The steps to getting cash are very easy. Give us a call today for fast approval.

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