If you’re a retired player in the National Football League, congratulations on your concussion settlement with the NFL. As a former player, you have sacrificed your body and overall health to inspire and entertain countless fans around the world, all while growing the business and brand of the NFL. Professional football is America’s favorite sport and you’re an important part of that distinguished legacy.  While the risks associated with playing football being have been masked for years, you have taken the appropriate steps to shine light on those risks.

The class action lawsuit settlement between the National Football League and thousands of former players like yourself has an estimated value of $1 billion over 65 years. Close to 20,000 ex-NFL players  who retired on or before July 7, 2014 are eligible for compensation.  The families of players who died before that date are also compensation eligible.

Former players will be compensated at varying levels based on age, injuries and playing experience.  The lawsuit is expected to pay each player on average about $190,000 and up to $5 million for players classified at the highest risk levels.

If you’re a former player and haven’t had a neurological exam completed, you will want to complete this examination as soon as possible. The following are symptoms that may qualify you for concussion settlement compensation: memory loss, constant headaches, depression, slurred speech, aggressive behavior, confusion and disorientation, blackouts, dizziness, or suicidal thoughts.  Consult your legal representative for a complete list of symptoms.

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