Do you need someone to help you with a legal loan or getting a lump sum payment? | Cox Financial

Do you need someone to help you with a legal loan or getting a lump sum payment?

About Jeff Cox

Jeff Cox, a native of Portsmouth, Virginia, started as a broker in the settlement funding business in 2008.  In 2013, he founded True Value Settlement Funding as a direct funding company.  Before starting in the settlement funding industry, Jeff worked as a software engineer and consultant at PRB Associates, Illinois Institute of Technology, IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  During his time at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he worked part-time conducting structured settlement transfer signings.  He saw first-hand the high-pressure, hard-selling, unethical tactics used by many settlement funding companies.

Upon entering the settlement funding business in 2008, Jeff sought to bring change by assisting lawsuit recipients get the help they need without unethical, high-pressure hard-selling.  His approach with his clients has always been three-fold:

  1. Help his clients understand the value of their settlement;
  2. Help his clients think about alternative solutions to financial needs and goals;
  3. Get his clients the most cash;

Jeff’s approach with his clients has always been to help them think about every option before deciding on a lump sum payment option.   He’s taken an ethical approach with integrity to become a champion for the cause of helping his clients come up with the financial solutions they need, while preserving a level of future financial security. He has provided countless clients with the lump sum payment needed to handle immediate financial affairs. In situations where lawsuits have been awarded, he’s helped his clients through the painful process of waiting on funding with legal loans.

Being raised by a single mother, he’s helped and related very well to a multitude of his clients, including single mothers who were looking for a lump sum of cash to take care of the family because of a lost job.  Or, the guy injured on the job, who could not work, and needed money to save his home from foreclosure.  Or those who needed money to pay for school, but had nowhere to turn.  Jeff has made it his personal responsibility to help his clients in every possible way.

He offers a range of financial assistance, including helping business owners get capital.  Let him help you with your financial needs!