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How fast do settlement claims payout?


When someone is injured as the result of an accident, typically a lawsuit results and the victim or victim’s family is awarded compensation.  These lawsuits can typically be classified in one of the following four categories: personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice or product liability. Once you are awarded a settlement from a legal case it will depend on whether you receive a structured settlement or a lump sum payment to determine how fast you receive your settlement claim payout.

In many cases, instead of providing you with one lump sum payment, the compensation you receive from your lawsuit may be designed to provide payments to you over time.  These payments could come in the form of regular monthly payments, annual payments, or maybe even future lump sum payments.  However your payments are structured, they’re designed to provide you with payments over time.  This type payment arrangement is called a structured settlement.

Whether you’re just starting to receive your payments or if you’ve been receiving payments for a while, there may come a time when you need a fast way to access a lump sum of cash from your settlement claim payout. This could happen for several reasons: You may need to catch up on bills, buy a new home, or pay tuition for college. Fortunately, being a lawsuit recipient gives you the power to get the lump sum payment you need now to take care of your pressing financial obligations. Legally, you can sell the rights to your future payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash. In considering this, it’s very important to take a look at your current and future lifestyle. We’re here to help you with this while giving you the biggest lump sum payment.

Why it’s Important to Remain Informed of the Present Value of your Structured Settlement!!!

As time passes, so does the present value of your structured settlement.  Today, you may be able to get more cash from your structured settlement than at any other time in the future.  Let’s think about why this is important to know:  For example, if you know that you want to purchase a home sometime in the near future, you will need a down payment.  Today, you may be able to get just enough cash to cover your minimum deposit.  As time passes, your structured settlement could be losing value and may not provide enough cash in the future to cover your deposit.

To remain informed on the value of your structured settlement, create a free account and use our structured settlement calculator to determine your settlement claim payout.

We’ve helped lawsuit recipients just like you realize the power of your structured settlement.  Helping lawsuit recipients is where we started and where we continue to thrive.

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