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The Bad News:

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur aspiring to own a business, then you understand the limited loan options the challenges of securing funding for your business. It’s very difficult for a business, even a successful business, to get loans from the bank.

As business owners in Miami FL, it may seem as though your local chamber of commerce and business development center offers limited help when it comes to accessing business loans or funding through loan programs.  Since funding is a big part of success for any business, business owners look for alternative financing and non-traditional financing options including cash advances, merchant cash advances, business lines of credit, sba loans, accounts receivable financing, invoice factoring, and term loans to grow their businesses.  Somehow it seems as though your credit score and bank account are in the way of job creation and growth when it comes to traditional business loans.


The Good News:

Now, there’s a better way to get the personal or business funding you need.

So, if you’ve been turned down for a business loan, welcome to the party.  Most people who apply for business loans are denied and don’t understand why.  It’s especially baffling if you don’t have bad credit or bad credit history.

Our funding program provides a better way to get personal and business funding.  So, if you need help getting approved for funding so that you can grow your business, you’ve found it.

No more walking into your local bank and walking back out feeling defeated, after hearing “loan denied”.  No more online applications with your fingers crossed, only to be told “loan denied”.  No more inquiries on your credit report reducing your credit scores, only to be denied.


We understand our funding sources and what they look for in credit files. We can tell you what’s needed to be done on your personal credit and/or business credit to help you get approved.  Furthermore, there are no hard credit pulls or inquiries on your credit reports until you are ready for funding.


How we work:


Easy Start to Funding

Step 1: Setup Credit Monitoring (

Step 2: Start Credit Repair and add Tradelines (Credit Boosting)

Step 3: Get Cash Funding ($20,000 – $180,000)


Credit Monitoring – you can pull your credit reports for $1 and setup credit monitoring for less than $20 per month.

Credit Repair – could take up to 90 days or longer on average

Tradelines – All major banks, with 5 – 10 years of perfect payment history and high-credit limits.  Typically takes 20 days on average to post to your credit report.

Funding – multiple personal lines of credit and business lines of credit with full cash balance transfer up to $180,000 in personal funding and up to $400,000 in business funding.


Personal Funding

Up to $180,000 in funding…

Our credit repair and credit building strategies can help you get approved for loans up to $180,000.  We help you boost your credit through: credit repair, authorized user tradelines, and seasoned tradelines with solid payment history.


Business Funding

Up to $400,000 in funding…

We can get you the capital you need to grow your business, or we can provide working capital to your existing business. Whatever your needs, we got you covered.

We utilize business credit building strategies, including business tradelines, aged corporations, and shelf corporations, that will help you build your business credit profile.


For Existing Business Owners – How does it work?

First, we provide you with a consultation to understand your business model and funding needs.

Then, we identify all possible funding options for you.  These can include business loans, personal loans, lines of credit, invoice factoring and any other potential option on funding.

From there, we determine how we can best help you.

For Entrepreneurs
There are three basic ways for an entrepreneur to fund their dreams:

  1. Use your own funds: One of the worse mistakes an entrepreneur makes is using his/her own capital to fund their dreams. You should put as little of your own money at risk as possible, due to the risk of losing it.
  2. Get funding from investors: Be prepared to surrender a percentage of your business.
  3. Secure funding through Cox Financial: There are several benefits to this: a) You won’t put your own money at risk, b) You maintain all control of your company, and c) manage your funds the way you want to best grow your business..


Give us a call today to get on the road to funding.