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Working Capital: Whether you need money to start a business or grow and existing business, Cox Financial can help. We provide strategic funding solutions that work. Our ideal clients have pretty decent credit, but have been turned down for loans by the banks.

Working Capital - Funding for my business

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur aspiring to own a business, then you understand the challenges of securing funding. It’s very difficult for a business, even a successful business, to get loans from the bank.

At Cox Financial, we have funding solutions to get new and existing businesses the capital they need. We can secure funding for our clients in multiple ways.

We can get you the capital you need to grow your business, or we can provide working capital to your existing business. Whatever your needs, we got you covered.

For Existing Business Owners – How does it work?

Step 1: First, we provide free consultation to understand your business model and funding needs.

Step 2: Next, we identify all possible funding options for you. These can include business loans, personal loans, lines of credit, factoring and any other potential option on funding.

Step 3: Get funded.

For Entrepreneurs
There are three basic ways for an entrepreneur to fund their dreams:

1. Use your own funds: One of the worse mistakes an entrepreneur makes is using his/her own capital to fund their dreams. You should put as little of your own money at risk as possible, due to the risk of losing it.

2. Get funding from investors: The only issue with this approach is that you surrender stake in your company.

3. Secure funding through Cox Financial: There are several benefits to this: a) You won’t put your own money at risk, b) You maintain all control of your company, and c) manage the funds the way that you want to grow your business.

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