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Tons Of Cash Being Made Using Decades Old SuSu

People are Making Tons Of Cash Using Decades Old SuSu

With the lingering effects of Covid-19 leaving lots of Americans with uncertain financial futures, many are turning to the decades old SuSu and are making LOTS of Money…

This has become a great way for many people to generate extra income. Used for centuries by Asian, Caribbean, African and many other cultures around the world, the return of the SuSu is better than ever.

What is a SuSu (Sou-Sou)?

An explanation of what a Susu is can be found on wikipedia and apparently if you are not interested in receiving $11,200 or more every month, this may not be for you.

Furthermore, a video detailing exactly how a SuSu works has been circulating on the internet and can be found here.

With all the hype surrounding the SuSu and the need for Americans to make money during the pandemic, we have extended our financial services to include the SuSu. Not only that, but for the convenience of introducing the concept of the SuSu to our clients, we have created a smaller SuSu which only requires an initial investment of $100.

Goals for Our Clients

The overall goal of our SuSu program is to get all of our members to the $1,400 SuSu package level. This can yield as much as $11,200 per payout. If this is not your goal, then this is not the program for you.

That being said, it is expected that you will go directly into the $500 SuSu from the $100 SuSu. And we also suggest reinvesting in the $100 Susu as well.

As you saw in the video, the traditional SuSu requires that each member of the SuSu find 2 people willing to invest, for the SuSu to be successful.

What if I don’t have 2 others but I’m ready to join?

Ideally, it would be good to have 2 others ready to join when you join. However, it is not a requirement.

If you do not have 2 people ready, we suggest joining anyway. You may need help recruiting, and once you become part of the SuSu, we can help. Remember, to have a strong SuSu, it’s important for everyone in the SuSu to have 2 strong members.

Will my 2 members remain with me after I’m paid and my flower changes?

This is completely up to you. When you are paid in the water position in the SuSu, you will come out of that position and become a fire on a new flower.

It is up to you to invite your 2 people onto your new flower. However, this is optional. If you want to get stronger people, you can always bring 1 or 2 new people onto your new flower.

So, the beautiful part is, you can choose to keep your original 2, replace 1, or replace both if you think someone else would be stronger for the SuSu.

What if I can’t get 2 others to join?

We have created a solution for this problem and we are willing to extend help, when available. Our goal is to see you succeed.

If you are not able to bring 2 others, we may be able to fill these for you. If we provide assistance to filling spots for you, your payout from the SuSu will change, but your return is still great. Our SuSu packages and payouts are listed below.

SuSu Packages:

Traditional SuSu Packages:

$100 investment – $800 return (1 – 2 weeks on average)
$400 return when you bring in no other members
$500 return when you bring in 1 other member.

$500 investment – $4,000 return (21 day payout)
$2,000 return when you bring in no other members
$2,500 return when you bring in 1 other member.

$1,400 investment – $11,200 return (1 month on average)
$5,600 return when you bring in no other members
$7,500 return when you bring in 1 other member.

How soon does a SuSu pay?

A traditional SuSu is designed to pay out in 21 days. However, our SuSu’s are designed to perform faster. We pay out on our SuSu’s as soon as all of the fire positions are filled. This is the case with every SuSu, with the exception of our $500 traditional SuSu. This is run on the traditional 21 day SuSU cycle.

Who controls the money?

Each person controls their own money. No member of a SuSu ever controls any other members money.

What do I need to get started?

– You will need to download the CashApp to your cell phone and join (for both sending and receiving funds).
– You will also need to download and join the Telegram App.
– Finally, we will need your name and the cell number you used to join the Telegram app.

Interested in joining our SuSu?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you and welcome you to the SuSu.