Sell My Annuity | Cox Financial


In a nutshell, there are 3 very simple steps to sell your annuity.

Step 1: Get a quote
Step 2: Complete and return contract and required documents
Step 3: Get approved

That’s all it takes to get the lump sum you need.


Before you sell your annuity or structured settlement, make sure that you weigh all your options carefully.  Your annuity was structured to ensure that you have the funds you need for your future.  However, if you find that selling your annuity is the best option for you right now, it’s our desire to give you more cash than anyone else.

Below are a few possible good reasons to sell your annuity:

“I need to sell my annuity to pay for college.”

“I need to sell my annuity to purchase a home.”

“I need to sell my annuity to buy a car.  I don’t have one right now and need to get to work.”

“I need to sell my annuity because I lost my job and don’t have a savings to pay my bills.”

To get started with selling your annuity, give us a call for a free quote.  877-540-1042