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Benefits of Factoring
Payment for Invoices

Payment for Invoices: If you’re a business and you’re in need of cash while you’re waiting on invoices to be paid, we can get you the cash you need today. We will pay you cash for your unpaid invoices.

The approval process is simple:

We look at the goods or services that you provide along with the client that you are providing goods or services to, and determine if your invoices can be factored for funding. There’s nothing to worry about because there are no credit checks performed on you or your client. The only thing we need to confirm is that your client agrees that the invoices have not been paid but will be paid.

It’s that simple.

Speed – Funding within 24 hours of approved invoices – you don’t need to wait to get paid.

Cost-effective – No need to factor all of your receivables. You pick and choose.

Personal - Great Customer Service

Time Sensitive Control - Fast Funding

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