Medicare has changed the lives of thousands of Americans, and at Insureist we are more than thrilled to offer affordable policies for you to be one of them.

There’s nothing more important than the health of our families. That’s the reason why we are committed to offering cheap premiums to reach the largest amount of people possible.

This federal healthcare initiative provides insurance to people aged 65 or older, children, and those with disabilities. Other groups with chronic diseases are also included in the program; for example, people with permanent kidney failure.

There are many benefits when acquiring Medicare, especially considering the high costs for health services in the country. Without further ado, let’s dive into how exactly this program works and how we can help acquire it.

Hospital care: Medicare’s part A

There are four parts of this federal program, the first one being “hospital care” or hospital insurance. This condition makes you a recipient of Medicare’s benefits automatically when reaching 65 or after being diagnosed with any of the chronic conditions specified in the program.

Almost all of the recipients of Medicare’s part A aren’t obliged to pay any kind of premium. Nonetheless, there are annual deductibles ($1,408 in 2020, $1,484 in 2021). Among the covered benefits of this part of the program there are surgeries, in-home hospice care, home healthcare services, and inpatient care in religious non-medical healthcare institutions.

These services may vary according to several circumstances. For example, if you’ve visited the hospital many times, deductibles might apply for each visit. Similarly, if you stay in the hospital for a long period, the coverage might not apply every day.

Medical Insurance: Medicare’s part B

This part of the program does include the payment of a premium, and after this year’s changes, the monthly fee is at $148,50. However, this amount could be deducted from your Social Security premiums. 

The main difference with part A is that you have to acquire the insurance to be eligible. It’s important to highlight that extra-fees can be enforceable if one doesn’t enroll as soon as the eligibility parameters are reached (turning 65 or being diagnosed with a condition).

Amid the services covered by this part of Medicare, there are doctor’s visits, outpatient care, blood purchases, cancer treatments, and mammograms, among others.

This year’s deductible for part B is $203. Every time you reach this sum, you are forced to pay up to 20% of the service required. 

Parts B & C: Medicare´s alternative plans

Part C of the program more than often includes all of the services mentioned before and even other extra services can be acquired. Those who cover the expenses in these cases are private insurance companies, who at the same time collect the payments from the federal government.

Medicare´s part D is also provided through private insurance companies, with the differences that drug coverage is now included and that is completely optional (even when many of the current Medicare Advantage plans include part C as they are offered as bundles)

Medigap: the key to full health insurance

This plan grants you a type of coverage that fills all of the remaining gaps from traditional Medicare. You will not have to pay anything for services that aren’t included in parts A and B of Medicare.

This offer complements regular Medicare and cannot be acquired if you don’t have it. However, in case you are, it is a fantastic opportunity to successfully secure yourself and your family for any health emergency regardless of its severity.

Now that you are aware of how Medicare works, it is time to choose the best plan according to your needs and budget. We encourage you to contact Insureist for the best insurance policy. You’ll receive a quote in only minutes: 888-470-1550.

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