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As a structured settlement purchasing broker, you want to work with a company that’s not only ethical, but that respects the boundaries between you and your clients.  As a former broker, we know what’s important in a brokering relationship.  We also understand the key factors that most brokers are most passionate about.  We pay very close attention to detail when it comes to customer service, client status updates, timeliness and opportunity.

As a structured settlement purchasing broker with Cox Financial, you will have the ability to provide all of your clients with a free account, so that they can keep up with the ever changing value of their structured settlement or annuity.  They’ll have access to the structured settlement calculator which will keep your clients informed of the perfect time to decide on a lump sum of cash, without you having to sell them on it.

To get started as a broker, give us a call today at (877) 540-1042 and start earning money.