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Trying to get a lump sum in exchange for your structured settlement and annuity payments can be intimidating and confusing.  You really may not understand how a lump sum offer is calculated or why your offer from multiple companies is vastly different.  On top of that, a few other questions may come to your mind, like:

  • Am I really getting a fair lump sum offer?
  • Why has my lump sum offer decreased/increased over time?
  • Should I use all of my future payments or only some of my future payments to get a lump sum of cash?
  • Is this the right time for me to get a lump sum of cash?

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you understood the answers to some of these questions?  Not only will you feel more confident when you need to get a lump sum of cash from your annuity, but you will feel confident that you’re getting a fair offer.  Hopefully, we make understanding the answers to these questions a lot easier.

How can you learn the current cash value of your annuity or settlement?
When you create a free account, you can learn the current cash value of your future payments.

Why has your cash offer has decreased or increased over time?
You probably didn’t know that the value of your settlement or annuity changes over time, depending on how it’s structured.  This can play an important role in how you plan for your future.  When you create a free account, we can automatically keep you informed of the present cash value of your payments on a monthly basis.  Understanding the current cash value of your annuity can help you make important life decisions, like:

  • Will I be able to get the cash I need to continue my education 4 years from now;
  • Will I be able to get enough cash from my annuity to use as a down payment on a home in a few years;
  • In a few years, will I be able to get a lump sum large enough to start my business;

Should I cash in all of my future payments or some of my future payments?
We can not answer this question for you.  It really depends on how much cash you need and what you need the cash for.  Whatever the reason for getting cash, please be sure that you invest your money wisely and use it to build your future or improve your quality of life.

What we can help you with is determining how much some or all of your future payments are worth today.  When you create a free account, you can enter all or some of your future payments to determine today’s cash value.  Using this tool, you can structure the cash deal that works best for your lifestyle right now.  For example, you can use your future lump sum payments instead of your monthly payments to get the lump sum that you need.

Call today or create your free account to stay informed of the current value of your structured settlement or annuity.  It’s very easy.  Simply click on the ‘Calculate My Lump Sum’ button on the calculator above to register.

Best Structured Settlement Companies

What is My Settlement Worth?

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